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Here are some simple tips to help you take better photos for your eBay auctions

Always use a tripod to produce sharper pictures using indoor lighting without flash.

Diffused, natural or artificial lighting is best. Light the entire item thoroughly, without shadows or reflections.

Photograph items at close range and at an angle that provides some noticeable depth.

Photos should be big enough to show details clearly and fill the whole frame when appropriate.

Use a background that contrasts with the item. Most people use a plain, white backdrop to make your item stand out but it’s OK to use a colored backdrop to provide some contrast.

If you can’t use a plain backdrop, you should at least avoid background clutter that can distract buyers or confuse them about what you’re selling.

Take multiple pictures of your item so buyers can see as much detail as possible. For example, take pictures of labels, original packaging, and accessories. I typically use three or four shots in each listing.

Show scale. For example, you can place a matchbook, coin or a ruler next to the item to show its size.

Always show any flaws, stains, wear and tear, or any other damage. Pictures of those details allow buyers to know exactly what they will get.

If you are shooting with indoor light or studio lighting and a white background, set the auto-exposure setting on your camera to +1 if your photos are coming out slightly gray.

Set the camera to a medium or higher resolution (for example 1024×768 pixels or larger) to produce good quality photos. This allows you to show bigger pictures in your listing and provides better support for photo editing, if needed, before you upload the photos to eBay.


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