About Us

My name is Skip McGrath. My wife, Karen, and I have been eBay Power Sellers for over years. I have written seven books on or about eBay and web site marketing. I also teach eBay at community college courses, at seminars and my own eBay Boot Camps. I’ve also developed an eBay and Internet coaching program and helped people in the UK with eBay.

Our eBay username is mcgrrrrr (that has 5 Rs in it). We sell Starbucks collectibles, kitchen tools and gadgets, books and firepit grills. I am also one of the oldest and most experienced Trading Assistants on eBay.

I have personally used the EZ Cube light systems in my eBay business for product photography. The product worked so well that I decided to become a distributor.

If you would like to learn how to sell on eBay or just receive our free newsletter for auction sellers, please visit us at http://www.skipmcgrath.com. I also have websites for special interests.

And how much do I like making websites and selling things online? I like it so much that I’ve got a site that has nothing to do with eBay. Check out my Western BBQ Sauce recipe at Firepit Grills. You might want to buy a firepit while you’re there, but no matter what you won’t want to miss the sauce!!