Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Photography

Digital photography shares many of the techniques of film photography, but there are some differences.  These are some very basic FAQ’s.  Please see the page on digital photography tips for more information and detail.

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What should I look for in a digital camera?

If you are going to do product photography you camera should have the following features:

  • Optical zoom (many cameras have both optical and digital zoom. But you need optical zoom for product photography
  • Macro (close-up) setting
  • White Balance Adjustment
  • Exposure compensation or adjustment
  • Email or small size setting.  (Large photos take too long to download on eBay or the internet)
  • Manual focus

Why are my photos  blurred?

The most common cause of blurry photos is camera motion. The best solution is to use a tripod.  Another solution is to set the ISO setting on your camera to a higher value such as ISO 200 or ISO 400.

When I shoot with the EZcube, why are my backgrounds sometimes grey?

This is caused by the large amount of white light fooling the light meter in your camera and is a common problem with any light tent or light box.  The answer is very simple. Just set the Automatic Exposure on your camera to Plus One (+1). If that still doesn’t work, go to plus 1.5.

I am seeing hot spots or glare in my photos.

This is usually caused by using a flash.  Try using indirect daylight or studio lights or better yet purchase an EZcube.  The EZcube has a front panel that you can shoot through that removes reflections from shiny objects.

How can I make my jewelry sparkle?

If you are shooting gemstones or faceted crystals, get an inexpensive LED flashlight. Make sure it has at least three or more LED bulbs.  Place the flashlight out of the photo but aimed at the stones and it will impart some sparkle to your gem stones.