Product Photography Kit for eBay Trading Assistants and drop off stores

EZ Cube TentThe complete product photo solution for eBay Trading Assistants and auction drop-off stores. As a Trading Assistant you will be shooting a small collectible one moment and a small piece of furniture or a laptop computer the next.This kit meets all your needs from small furniture photography to jewelry & glassware.

The Trading Assistant Kit includes all four EZcubes, 5 Lights and the jewelry photography kit.

This impressive kit includes all of the components necessary to setup instantly for jewelry, glassware, small furniture, vases, coin photography and more so you won’t have to turn business away! Help your clients get top dollar with great photos.

The eBay Trading Assistant Photography Kit will quickly pay for itself

Better quality photos increase auction selling prices, meaning more commission dollars. Having your photography setup ready to go will save you time.

One of the biggest benefits is the image of professionalism this complete photography setup will add to your center. After your customers take a look at this setup, they will decide they don’t have the equipment they need to take a good image.

Here’s a great marketing tip: If you have a store with a window, leave one EZcube with lights and an object on at night. People walking by and looking in the window will be impressed with your professional setup.

What’s included?

  • EZcube 55″x55″x55″
  • EZcube 30″x30″x30″
  • EZcube 20″x20″x20″
  • EZcube 12″x12″x12″
  • 12″ x 16″ Daylight color Illuminated Flat Panel with AC adapter {for special underlighting effects}
  • TabletopStudio Two Light Set with 6′ stands
  • ShortEZ two light set {tabletop size}
  • Sparkler light {for gemstone jewelry}
  • Small copystand {for coins, stamps, cards, or postcards}
  • Small black and clear acrylic risers for jewelry and small shiny objects
  • Digital Desktop Studio Photography book and CD
  • Includes five each daylight balanced 5000k bulbs

EZ CubeThat’s over $880 worth of equipment! –Your price $649.97

  • FREE BONUS #1 – Online Auction Photos, by Skip McGrath, a $27.00 value
  • FREE BONUS #2 – “How to get the most from your EZcube” DVD a $24.95 value

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