Create a low cost home photo studio with the EZ Cube

Home Photo Studio

EZCube_Pieces.gifThe EZcube light tents make the perfect low-cost home photo studio.  Anyone can learn to use an EZcube with 30 minutes practice.  This is a high-quality product –not to be confused with the low-quality units from China and Russia being sold on other sites.

You can set up your home photo studio with an EZcube and two student gooseneck lamps or you can buy a complete kit that comes with professional light stands and 3000 degrees kelvin daylight-balanced bulbs for perfect color balance every time.

The EZcube Light Tent is:

  • portable
  • inexpensive
  • durable
  • pure white
  • easy to use
  • Available Now !

Each EZcube light tent includes:


  • Basic Tent – choice of 12 in., 20 in., 30 in. or 55 in. with large set
  • White background sweep
  • Front panel to prevent reflections
  • Top-opening zipper so you can arrange your shots without disturbing the camera or lights
  • Carrying case
  • Instruction manual

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