Use photo light tents to take low cost product photos for eBay and the web

EZcube Photo Light Tent

A light tent is the perfect device for taking low-cost product photos.  The EZcube line of photo light tents are simply the best on the market

This is where we sell the famous line of EZcube Table Top Digital Photography Studios used by more eBay professionals than any other studio solution on the market.

If you own a digital camera you can take perfect, professional-quality photos every time with no training whatsoever. Three sizes for every application.

Using an EZcube makes product photography super easy. Simply place the object to be photographed in the EZcube light tent and light the tent from two sides. There’s no need for flashes or strobes.

The shots below were taken by a 17 year old with no specialized photographic training.


Makes product photography super easy

  • Perfect for anyone that needs to shoot images for a web store, print or online auctions
  • Click on the EZcube Store Link at left to see the various models and our Discounted Pricing.
  • Portable: The EZcube tent folds up into a 12 x 12 inch flat package.  The lights can collapse and fit into a small duffel bag.

All complete sets come with the perfect lights for Digital Tabletop Photography. These professional quality lights are cool to the touch, are easily adjustable and stay locked in position making them very easy to work with.

Each light set consists of a sturdy adjustable height light stand, a high quality 10″ reflector with socket, and our 30 Watt Trumpet Top daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulb. Two lights work great for most product shots.