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eBay sellers are bombarded daily with offers of e-Books, software, selling tools, and services.  Many of them are legitimate, some of them are useful tools, but much of it is JUNK !!!

Over the years I have been creating and using a variety of educational resources, eBooks, software, and research tools.  I have come to know which ones are worthwhile and which ones are a waste of time and money. Listed below are what I believe to be some of the best information products, training materials, resources, software and services available to the auction seller and web site entrepreneur.  All of these have my personal recommendation.

Drop Shipping

Finally — A Drop Shipping System That Works! If you have looked at the many drop shipping companies that supply eBay and web site sellers, you know that most of them are a waste of time.  They purport to sell you goods at wholesale prices, but when you look — the same merchandise is selling on eBay for less.

You need to read about Chris Malta’s Drop Ship Wholesale Directory or his Light Bulk Wholesale Directory published by WorldWide Brands, Inc.

These are great products. I have been using the Drop Ship directory for just a few weeks and have already found several excellent suppliers.

Unlike other drop ship directories, Chris’ system connects you with actual manufacturers instead of the various drop shipping middlemen. When you deal with the manufacturer you are dealing with the actual source of the product –and this is where the best pricing is. Best of all, WorldWide Brands is the only Directory Publisher of Drop Ship and Wholesale Product Sourcing information on the Internet that is certified by eBay.

Search For Wholesalers

FREE Wholesale Search Engine This is where you can link to thousands of real wholesale sources that work with eBay and web site sellers, flea market dealers and small retailers.  The Auction Seller’s Wholesale Search Engine is completely free to our readers and customers

eBay Research

I recently discovered an exciting new eBay research tool from a company called Hammertap. OK – I didn’t actually discover it, the folks from Hammertap called me and asked if I would look over their site. If you have read any of my books, you know I am a huge believer of research. Research is how you avoid all those costly mistakes that can cost you money and leave you with a garage full of merchandise that you bought at 30% off retail and absolutely no one on eBay cares about. Hammertap’s Deep Analysis is a really powerful research tool. Andale and Terapeak are OK –but this stuff way beyond just OK. If you are at all a serious seller, you can try one month for just one dollar.

What can Hammertap Deep Analysis show me? Here are just a few things:

-What type of listing features work best?
-How can I better tweak my listings?
-Is it me or is my category doing bad?
-When should I start to sell seasonal items?
-What hour is best for selling?
-What day is the best for selling?