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  • How To Shoot Jewelry in A Photo Light Tent or Light Cube Shooting jewelry is always a challenge.  This video will help.
  • Video on Folding an EZcube Digital Photo Light Tent in Three Simple Steps
  • How To Choose A Tripod for Your Digital Camera
    Are you thinking of getting a digital camera tripod? Well, good for you! I feel that tripods really are a necessity if you’re serious about photography. Yes, they are big, bulky and quite painful to carry around – but they do wonders for the digital photos. They are particularly good for getting rid of that camera shake that creeps into your photos now and then.
  • Taking Better Photos with the EZcube
    Several months ago, I wrote an article illustrating how to make an inexpensive seamless background for taking auction pictures
  • How To Buy A Digital Camera
    Buying a digital camera need not be a difficult task. I’ll highlight the key considerations you need to think through before making that purchase decision. Always, always remember to consider these factors when buying a digital camera: 

    • Battery Life
    • Number of Megapixels
    • Zoom Lens
    • Exposure Control
    • User Controls
  • Easy, Honest & Simple Way To Make Money With Your Digital CameraIf you enjoy photography and would like to learn how to make money taking pictures for others, this system could be perfect for you.  The system is completely honest, there is no porn or nudity involved, it is not dangerous and you don’t need high-level professional photography skills.
  • Make Money With A Camera (Humorous)
  • What Is Drop Shipping
    Let’s say ABC Manufacturers makes a product called Mom’s Ankle Wax. We’ll say that Mom’s Ankle Wax has been around for years. It’s a very well known brand name product. It will without a doubt give you the shiniest ankles on your block, and everybody wants some. 

    ABC Manufacturers makes Mom’s Ankle Wax, but they don’t sell it directly to the public. They’re a manufacturing operation. They’re far too busy melting paraffin and waxing test ankles to go around building stores all over the place. They need distributors; companies who will take their product and distribute it to the places that will sell it.

  • How To Get A State Sales Tax Number If you are going to sell on eBay and want to source products from real wholesale companies, then you will need a state sales tax number to deal with most wholesale companies. If your state does not charge sales tax, then it will probably issue some type of Business License.You can link to any of the states below to get information on obtaining a sales ore use tax number. Some of the states allow you to apply on line and other will give you forms to download, fill out and mail in.To find out more about Sales Tax numbers, please see Section I of The Wholesale Buying System.
  • Supply & Demand on eBay
    This simple, easy-to-understand concept is easily evidenced on eBay today. You can see it in action 24 hours a day. Goods sell at a price that reflects the available supply and the corresponding demand at a specific moment in time. Why is the “time” issue important? On eBay, this has to do with the supply of a specific item at that very moment.
  • The Wholesale Misconception
    Some people think that working with a real Wholesale Supplier means that they will magically be able to sell products for less than anybody else on the planet, for ever and ever. They’ll be the only one who ever gets such good prices, and they’ll earn millions because no competition can touch them. They’re retire happily in a couple of months, and buy a big house in Beverly Hills, complete with a butler, a private chef, and a little satin doggie bed in every room for the casual use of the family Basset Hound, Duke.
  • Niche Marketing Strategies on eBayWhat denotes a niche market? A category is not a niche. For example, if you sell all kinds of toys, you are a toy vendor. If, however, you only sell action figures, then that is a niche. It used to be if you sold only digital cameras that would be considered a niche, but today the digital camera market on eBay is so large that you would have to sell only one brand of cameras, such as Nikon, to be considered a niche in the camera market.There are two primary benefits of niche marketing:
    • Sourcing
    • Selling

    Let’s look at sourcing first. The more time you spend in a market or product category you will learn all the sources of supply for that market. The more you know about a product the better you will be able to buy it. When I was in the antique business, I used to sell a broad line of 18 th and 19 th century American antiques. However, within that, I used to specialize in the niche of early American woodworking tools. After a couple of years I developed an expertise and a “feel” for the products. I could recognize makers, spot reproductions and I knew what tools were in high demand from collectors that would command high prices. Once I developed the expertise, my profits shot though the roof.

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