My Top Ninety-Nine Wholesale Sources
For eBay Sellers

SkipLearn where successful eBay and Amazon sellers find profitable merchandise to resell.

There are thousands of wholesale sources available today on the web, but did you know that most large eBay power sellers actually deal with very few sources?

My name is Skip McGrath. I have been an eBay Power Seller for years. My online auction website is I have personally used many of the sources in this document and the others were recommended by fellow eBay power sellers. Some are better than others, but between the sources I am going to give you, you can find thousands of products to sell profitably on eBay and other auction sites. You can have access to this specialized list for just $4.99 –AND it comes with a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the information.

Is this just a list of web sites?

No –anyone could copy and paste a list of web sites from the numerous wholesale directories available today. I not only give you the web sites, you get a complete write up on each site, what they sell, how they do business and how to deal with them.

Just in case you cannot find what you are looking for from these sources, the document also provides links to my own branded Wholesale Sources Search Engine and two additional powerful Wholesale Search Engines. These three search engines can find the manufacturer and/or the wholesale distributor for virtually any product in the world.

If this information is so valuable, why are you giving it away for $4.99?

I run a business called the Auction Seller’s Resource. I have been writing and producing books, newsletters and seminars for professional eBay sellers for over years –and  have been an exhibitor at eBay Live for the past years. This is an introductory product. I am hoping that once you see the quality of information, tools and resources we provide, that you will become a customer for my other products as well.

Can I make money with this information?

The sources listed on this password protected web site supply retail storeowners, eBay power sellers, and thousands of flea market and swap meet dealers. The easiest way to make money with these products is to learn to sell on eBay. Flea markets are another way to make scads of money with these products. Everyone has walked through a flea market at one time or another. When you see the dealers with two or three tables and all sorts of mixed merchandise selling stuff for pennies on the dollar –you are seeing a real pro. One of my friends makes over $300,000 a year with flea markets. He and his wife work 30 weekends a year from Spring to Fall and spend the winter at their condo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. (If this interests you, we also provide a link to a free directory of flea markets.)

There is more to buying wholesale than just having a list of sources. I have published the Wholesale Buying System (WBS) since 1999. The WBS is continually updated and is the leading wholesale manual for eBay professional sellers. Over 9,000 copies have been sold. The manual includes access to a members-only web site where new wholesale sources are listed and updated quarterly. to visit my web site where you can read about The Wholesale Buying System.

What kind of products can I buy from these sources?

Almost anything you can find in the popular categories on eBay. I include suppliers in a broad range of categories including consumer electronics, famous name designer clothing and accessories, books, computers, gifts & collectibles, art & antiques, jewelry, tools and much-much more.

One of the sources is actually a collective of over 400 manufacturers and distributors that sell in small quantities to eBay resellers and retail stores. Once you register on the site you can buy directly from any of the manufacturers right on-line. In addition, many of these small manufacturers will drop ship goods directly to your customers.

Do you include Dropshipping Info?

There are so many dropshipping scams out there today, that you want to be very careful. There are two ways to drop ship. One is by using a drop shipping aggregator. These are the companies you see advertising that claim to have all the latest products that you can drop ship from eBay or your web site. Unfortunately these just don’t work –and many of them are scams. Believe me –I know. I have personally tried over a dozen of these services and although I have occasionally made a few bucks –most of the time I actually lost money.

The only way to drop ship profitably is to work with manufacturers and stocking distributors directly. This method will net you the best –and most competitive prices. I will also show you several ways to do that –so you can make the money and not the middleman. My list includes a few of these drop shippers, but I am going to give you a link where you can save $20 on the best source of this information. But if you don’t want to pay for it, I will also show you how to find these manufacturers directly on your own. I currently drop ship three different products on eBay and two on Amazon that have been profitable for me for years and I found them all with these sources and methods.

Do I need anything special to deal with these companies?

You will need a state sales-tax number and a commercial checking account to do business with some (but not all) of the companies listed on this site. Don’t panic! Both of these are very easy and inexpensive to get.

I am also going to give you a web link to apply for a sales tax number online. Our link will take you to a web site where you can link to an on-line application (or download a paper application) for almost all states in the US. Fees range from as low as $10 to apply to as high as $200 in some states.

Usually once you register for a tax number, you can also register a business name at the same time. In our state, this costs $5.00 for each name you register. You should register a generic sounding name rather than a specialized name if you want to buy all types of goods. For example, if you register a name such as Sally’s Designer Clothes this is great for buying clothes –but could be a problem if you want to later buy electronics. A generic name such as Valley Marketing Specialists will allow you to purchase almost anything.

Once you have registered a business name, walk into any bank with your documents and you can open a commercial checking account with business name printed on your checks –usually with as little as $100.

What Do I Get for My $4.99?

Here is what you get:

1. Once I receive your payment, I will send you an email with a link to a password-protected web page where you can access all ninety nine sources directly from my web site.

2. You will also get a link to my own branded search engine that can connect you directly to thousands of wholesale sources AND wholesale auction sites. You can perform product searches by specific product or category.

3. I have also included links to two other search engines and a directory of almost every manufacturer in the United States with their contact information.

4. I have provided a link to a web page where you can apply for a sales-tax or business-use tax number for your state.

5. Flea Market Directory: This lists hundreds of flea markets around the country.

6. Government Auction Guide. This is a link to a page where you can access US Customs, General Services Administration, US Postal Service and Department of Defense on-line auctions, along with instructions for bidding. (Many web sites charge $19.99 just for this information alone.)

You get access to all six items for just $4.99

THERE IS NO RISK — I know $4.99 is not a lot of money, but nevertheless everyone is worried about scams these days. I am an eBay Power Seller ( username mcgrrrrr.  Please check my feedback), an exhibitor at eBay’s annual convention, eBay Live, and well known in the eBay community. I am also a member of The Professional eBay Seller’s Alliance, a membership organization that includes the top 500 sellers on eBay.

Having said all that, I am so confident you will appreciate the value of this information, I will give you a No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee. If you do not realize any value from the information, simply email me and I will refund your $4.99 immediately.

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